Character Interview ~ with Theresa Morgan

Author Serene interviews Theresa Morgan, a character from her upcoming novel, “Virtuous. The Lies I told Myself”

Author Serene – Theresa, thank you so much for allowing us to interview you. Not everyone would agree to do this, especially knowing that they may receive backlash…Let’s jump right in…Theresa, there have been rumors. The buzz in the street is that you are involved with a certain married man. First, is this true?

Theresa – First, let me say, I am not afraid of backlash. I don’t deserve it and I won’t take it. Yes, we are in a relationship.

Author Serene – And is that relationship with Pastor Anthony?

Theresa – He is my pastor.

Author Serene – I understand that he is your pastor. Is he the person you are in this relationship with?

Theresa – I did not realize we were using names in this interview. But I guess it is what it is now.

Author Serene – So would that be a yes?

Theresa – I’m not denying that it’s him.

Author Serene – Do you feel guilty about this?

Theresa – No. Not at all. I got over that a long time ago. First, he is in love with me, not her. Second, I am not technically cheating on anyone. He makes his own decisions and he makes me his choice

Author Serene – Since the rumors have come out, he has not spoken of divorce. How can you say that you are his choice?

Theresa – The only reason he doesn’t use the ‘d’ word is because of the church. His wife is manipulating him to stay. If he leaves her then he loses the church.

Author Serene – But the church was founded by her father and mother. How do you see that as manipulation?

Theresa – She is holding that over his head. He works hard. He is called to be a pastor and he put in a lot of time. His work has nothing to do with his marriage

Author Serene – Could you see yourself as his first lady? Is that your goal?

Theresa – I’m already his first lady.

Author Serene – Do you believe that God will send you your own husband?

Theresa – I don’t understand the question. What makes you think that God hasn’t already sent him to me? I am more than confident, that in time, this mess will be straightened out and we will be married.

Author Serene – Do you feel like he is using you?

Theresa – Absolutely not! He loves me and I love him. If anything, he is using her. When he comes to me, he gets his strength back.

Author Serene – Some call it having their cake and eating it too. In your opinion, why hasn’t he left her?

Theresa – Because of the church. If he stays, he keeps the church. Unless she dies or something, then he would be free to marry me

Author Serene – Are you planning that, her death?

Theresa – Not at all, but hey, whatever happens, happens. I don’t hate her or anything. I just don’t like that she holds the church over his head. I mean, just because it was her father’s church, she gets to hold the control.

Author Serene – Describe your ideal mate.

Theresa – Someone I don’t have to share. He loves me and me only.

Author Serene – What are you most afraid of?

Theresa – I am not afraid of anything. I just don’t want to be alone. I don’t want to die alone. I want to be able to have years of love. I want children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. I don’t want all of this backlash to ruin what we have. I don’t want him to leave me

Author Serene – What would be the worst thing to happen if you don’t have those things? If he left you?

Theresa – I think I would die. I don’t want to be alone anymore. If I can’t be loved, then I may as well die.

Author Serene – What do you like least about yourself?

Theresa – That at the end of the day I am alone. I hate that about myself. I hate that I am not good enough to be number one. I hate that I am not good enough to be the ‘only’ one.  I hate that no matter how much I give, it hasn’t been enough. I hate that even if I wanted to, I don’t have enough in me to leave him.

Author Serene – Are you lying to yourself?

Theresa – No. I am not. Our love is not a lie. Our relationship is not a lie. I’ve put too much into this for it to be a lie.

Author Serene – What do you want people to know about you?

Theresa – I want people to know that I have a heart. I am more than a ‘side chick’. I am a woman who is in love. I’m not a thot, I’m not a ho. My heart breaks more than people realize. Most of all, don’t hate me because he chooses to love me. Everyone wants to be loved, including me.

Author Serene – Theresa, yes, I do believe that we all want to be loved.  Thank  you for your time and honesty in this interview and for giving us insight into your heart. I am looking forward to interviewing you again very soon!


23 thoughts on “Character Interview ~ with Theresa Morgan

  1. Theresa is very delusional. Delusional because of her desperation to be “loved” and not alone. Sadly this is the conversation of thousands of women that are just like her.

    1. Theresa definitely seems to have some issues about wanting to be loved. I can’t wait to interview her again. I plan to go deeper

  2. Theresa is desperately seeking love from anyone, not caring who it is or how it makes her look. As long as she thinks she’s being loved nothing matters.

  3. I would say there’s definitely some things that Theresa need to reevaluate in her life. She’s wanting love for all the wrong reasons. I am curious to see how this situation ends for her.

  4. Theresa has “daddy issues”. Most women who seek attention from any man that is married are actually seeking the attention that their father did not provide. Maybe Theresa should seek counseling.

    1. mmm, she just might have those daddy issues! I am going to ask her about him in our next interview. She is surely seeking attention from where she can get it

  5. Wow, Theresa obviously has some deep-rooted issues. Either she’s been neglected/abandoned by her father. Or has experienced hurt from a past love relationship(s). Regardless, it’s apparent that she doesn’t recognize her own self worth. Nor does she respect/understand the purpose and commitment involved with a marriage.

    1. As confident as she forst apeared to be, the longer we spoke the more I could see that she didn’t recognize her self worth. She seemed to want marriage but not sure if she respects it for others

  6. Theresa definitely needs counseling. She’s selling herself short by being in a “relationship” with a married man. I think the Pastor is using her to fill a void that’s missing at home or he’s just greedy. If he really wanted her, he would leave his wife regardless of losing the church. #WakeUpTheresa

    1. She seems to think she is awake already! I also think she is selling herself short. She is actually quite beautiful, smart and has so much going on for her

  7. The perspective isn’t any different. Yes she maybe dealing with some issues but they are real to her. loneliness makes one do some crazy things. but at the end of the day she just wants to be loved. she just done fell up in a bad situation. He ought to be the man of GOD and correct the matter.

    1. Yes, I can’t wait for his interview and to get his take on everything. But as far as love, at the end of the day, that is what most of us really want

  8. I think more people can identify with her than they would care to admit. The best of us have been in undesirable positions due to poor choices that they have made for one reason of another. So much so that sometimes you can find yourself in a state where the consequences and circumstances of a certain situation become secondary to the feeling they are chasing. Excited to see how she handles it all!

    1. This is so true, we can all find ourselves in a place where we are not living our best life. SHe’s got a lot on her hands to handle!

  9. Thank you so much for your feedback. This is so encouraging! Please send me the link to your blog so that I may follow!
    As far as spam remarks, there is a plugin “Askimet” you can also limit your comments to be approved before they post. Looking forward to reading your blogs!

  10. Although she going about the wrong way, all Theresa wants is to love and be loved. Who doesn’t? Can’t wait to read.

  11. Wow! This is more common than people would admit to. The price is much higher to pay than we are willing to admit. Sad situation all around.

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